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This is where we tell you all about our awesomeness. How we wrestle the sun, water, and earth year in and year out to make wine. It all “starts in the vineyard” is a common, if not obvious, sentiment. And for Slacker Wines, that means it all begins in the Willow Creek District in Paso Robles, California.

If Slacker Wines were forced to pronounce a philosophy it might be this: “Whatever. It’s wine. Just enjoy it.” The bottle of Slacker Wine you open is not intended to be the center of attention. It should stir no debates, controversies, or jealousies. If it does, you’re doing it wrong. Just open it up, share with friends, and the rest will take care of itself.

Slacker Wines varietal blends are a delicious break from the more ‘important’ wines from the Willow Creek District.



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Slacker Stereotype bottle


70% Grenache, 20% Syrah, 10% Graciano

Bright red raspberries and currants burst out of the glass with a bramble of wild California sagebrush and soft rosemary lingering after. Lovely acidity keeps the wine uplifted, while hints of caramelized brown sugar play at the edges of your palate.  This wine is itching to be drunk and enjoyed, but will continue to show vibrancy through 2026.  $42/btl.

Slacker Wannabe bottle


5% Zinfandel, 17%  Syrah, 8% Graciano
Plums and pomegranates envelope the nose and palate on this warm and inviting Zinfandel.  It pops with juices as it rolls across the tongue, with a lingering flavor of roasted almonds and star anise.  This wine rides low and broad in the mouth, filling out in a comforting and potent embrace. It will pair with everything from brisket, to barbecue, to chocolate cake with its rich aromatics and flavor, yet is light enough to be enjoyed on its own.  It will continue to show off through 2026.  $42/btl.



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