The West Side of Paso Robles

Willow Creek


A delicate balance of art and science, we create seven to ten blends annually. Nature dictates production.


Discover the Willow Creek District

Obscured by the surrounding hillsides, our estate is found in the heart of the Willow Creek District of Paso Robles. You’ll taste wines grown by a passionate team, balanced without chemical manipulation, from the very soil you stand on. Prepare yourself for a customized experience, led by a private attendant.

As we’re not always open for public tasting, we recommend making an appointment.


The Maker

Matt Trevisan

Matt Trevisan

I stepped foot into the wine industry over 25 years ago, and have done just about every job within it. I’ve learned to put my trust in Mother Nature, as she’ll always take her own course. After all, it’s her game, we’re all simply playing it. This has been the philosophy of Linne Calodo, where our wines are driven by four factors: vineyard location, uncompromising viticultural practices, minimalist winemaking, and the desire to learn from experience.

The Linne Calodo name is itself an homage to the rich soils of Westside Paso Robles’ Willow Creek District


Linne Calodo was established in 1998, when Matt and Maureen Trevisan made the decision to step out on their own and take control over their own destiny. No great wine is made without a little bit of a gamble.


The creation of any dream requires that you start somewhere. In our case, that somewhere was in 2002 with the building of our winemaking facility, followed in 2005 with the planting of our first 5 acres of vines.


With remodels, expanded facilities, and additional vineyards planted, we’ve embraced a philosophy of continuous evolution and experimentation, all in the name of creating better wine and showcasing the Willow Creek District.

The Land


Willow Creek District
Linne Calodo
Trevi Ranch

Willow Creek District

As the crow flies, the Willow Creek AVA is a mere 11 miles from the waves crashing onto Cayucos Pier, simultaneously warmed by the protective Santa Lucia mountain range and cooled by the Pacific winds. This creates the unique weather patterns we experience as one of the southwesternmost districts of the greater Paso Robles AVA. With rainfall reaching up to 30 inches annually and frosts that encourage our vines into dormancy, the Willow Creek District fully experiences all four seasons.

Linne Calodo

Planted in 2005, our estate vineyards are situated lower on our property, between 1,030 - 1,050 feet in elevation, where cold air and fog tends to settle in. This can delay vine maturation, from budbreak to veraison to ripening, by as much as two weeks compared to higher elevations in Willow Creek. Because of these cooler temperatures and later harvesting, they’re exposed to different weather patterns, resulting in wines with higher acid and a unique flavor profile.

Trevi Ranch

Added to our estate in 2012, Trevi Ranch sits at 1,350 feet at its highest point and experiences generally warmer temperatures and less fog influence than the Linne Calodo estate. With hillsides approaching 45 degree slopes, these angles encompass all four orientations towards the sun, requiring that we manage each individual vineyard block differently, ultimately giving us a vast array of flavor profiles in the wines produced from this property.