Winemaker Matt Trevisan swore he would never make a white wine. Contrary to that, the summer heat of Paso Robles begged him for a refreshing wine to consume during the day. Our white blend was born in 2002 and from there evolved through many white varietals to finally settle on Estate planted Viognier, Grenache blanc and Picpoul blanc.


48% Grenache Blanc, 38% Viognier, 14% Picpoul Blanc

While it may be contrary to the nature of Linne Calodo to dabble in white wine, each year those in the know wait anxiously for the arrival of Contrarian. Rich, round notes of lush stone fruit and meringue come from the Viognier, offset by the crisp, tropical acidity of a pineapple found in the Picpoul Blanc. Grenache Blanc ensures the smooth, full balance, while the absence of oak in the winemaking process provides a mouthwatering finish.



41% Viognier, 40% Grenache Blanc, 19% Picpoul Blanc

The rich round aromatics and flavors of Viognier dominate this blend, while the Grenache Blanc and Picpoul Blanc ensure a smooth transition to a crisp clean finish.  Jasmine and honeysuckle jump out as soon as the bottle is opened, with hints of lemon meringue pie following as you dive into the glass.  The wine has a creamy round mouthfeel, with peach and thyme joining the aromatic notes. Then the finish tightens up the flavors with a bright conclusion and a lingering note of pineapple and rosewater. A very age-worthy white, it can be enjoyed immediately or aged through 2028 for more nutty flavors and a softer mouthfeel.


40% Grenache blanc, 37% Viognier, 23% Picpoul blanc

Contrarian has a vibrant nose with ripe white peaches and white nectarines, white and yellow raspberries and pineapple upside down cake. Contrarian spends its entire life in a concrete egg which ensures it’s clean minerality. On the palate the wine has a crisp and clean entry. Rich and luscious while maintaining freshness and acidity.  The perfect poolside sipper or something to pair with the right meal. Think oysters, sashimi, or ceviche. There’s no rush to open this now. As it ages you will see more honeysuckle, along with more developed fruit and baked pastries.  Drink now through 2028.


50% Grenache blanc, 28% Viognier, 22% Picpoul blanc

A Willow Creek District White blend of Grenache Blanc, Picpoul Blanc, and Viognier.  Hand picked from the Estate Vineyards, basket-pressed into two 1600L concrete Eggs. Fermented by natural yeast over the last 5 months, aged on lees for enhanced mouthfeel and always a pleasure to make.  Below you’ll find tasting notes from Chris Guerrero, our awesome hospitality manager.  If you haven’t met him yet, make an appointment and say hello!


Grenache blanc, Picpoul blanc, Viognier

Contrarian is 100% Estate Grown and fermented in concrete tanks. A soothing touch of minerality runs thru and connects the consumer to the land from which it comes. In all my years of producing Contrarian, I think I am getting closer and closer to crafting exactly what I seek. Delicious from the first sip, the wine is tamed by a small addition of Viognier that helps round out the palate and pushes it to the next level. Contrarian is ready to drink now or can age for 5-8 years.


47% Grenache blanc, 37% Viognier, 16% Picpoul blanc

A beautifully balanced blend of Grenache Blanc, Viognier and Picpoul Blanc, this wine delivers on a full, creamy mouthfeel with a juicy and vibrant finish. Aromatics of white peach, lemons, wet cement and jasmine create an engaging and powerful nose. On the palate, richer notes of honeysuckle and Asian pear intermingle with citrus and brine to create a full-bodied, yet fresh flavor. The finish is bright and tropical, leading to lingering fruit, floral notes and an intense desire for another sip. Pairs beautifully with scallops, spicy Thai shrimp, creamy cheeses and sunsets.


65% Grenache blanc, 35% Picpoul blanc

Contrarian, is a blend of Grenache Blanc and Picpoul Blanc. A zesty blend, skin soaked and basket pressed together. Hints of melon, lemon, kumquat and granite. An awesome food wine and a great way to kick off your night.


70% Grenache blanc, 30% Picpoul blanc

The 2014 vintage begs for summer afternoons with notes of green apples, pears and lemon zest. Comprised of Estate Grenache Blanc and Estate Picpoul Blanc, these stellar varietals work together to create a balanced, refreshing and quaffable wine. With summer just around the corner and mild spring temperatures here in Paso Robles, we want to take advantage of this shipping window to offer you 2014 Contrarian.


57% Grenache blanc, 20% Picpoul blanc, 14% Viognier, 9% Roussanne



57% Grenache blanc, 27% Picpoul blanc, 16% Viognier

Contrary to popular belief, Linne Calodo produces a crisp, multidimensional white wine. Grenache blanc lends a rich mouth feel, picpoul blanc offers acidity and viognier rounds the blend out with notes of honeysuckle.



70% Grenache blanc, 30% Picpoul blanc

Dominated by Grenache Blanc, lending a full mouth feel and herbacesiousness to a blend, then complemented by Picpoul Blanc, offering a bit of lemon zest. Contrarian pairs well with herb roasted chicken or seared seafood with butter-based sauces.



68% Grenache blanc, 17% Picpoul blanc, 15% Viognier

Contrarian is a great summer wine, perfect for your deck during the late afternoon. The grenache blanc brings hints of citrus fruits; grapefruits, lemon wedge dominate. The addition of picpoul blanc adds a zesty twist of lime. The viognier lends a balanced combination of peaches and pineapples on the nose and palate rounding it out with a creamy vanilla finish. Together, these varietals in this unfined and unfiltered blend create a savory blend ready to drink now or through 2016.



62% Viognier, 18% Roussanne, 12% Grenache blanc, 8% Picpoul blanc

Tangy, rich, floral. The 2009 Contrarian smells like spring flowers and fruits: apple blossom and honeysuckle, lychee nut and white peach all mingle with hints of flint and slate, macadamias and cashews. Upon tasting, the most endearing characteristic is its mouth-coating, creamy, glycerin-like texture. Flavors of green apple and lemon pound cake jump out front and are complimented by a finish that once again showcases a limestone minerality and honeyed nuttiness. With crisp acidity and medium body, this wine promises to hold its own as a glass by itself but would be complemented by acidic cheeses (goat’s milk!), stone fruits or fresh shellfish.



68% Roussanne, 32% Viognier

The grapes were destemmed and then skin soaked for 24 hours. Pressed in two ton basket presses directly into barrel, the wine undergoes 100% malolactic conversion and is stirred on lees in 100% neutral oak casks. Blended two months prior to bottling, I think you will find this wine is ready to consume now or you can lay it down for a couple years.



64% Roussanne, 36% Viognier

This wine has a great minerality and tannin structure from a brief 24 hour skin soak. Pressed in two ton basket presses and fermented in neutral French oak barrels. The wine retains its heritage with the soils and climate of the west side of Paso Robles. The roussanne and viognier were blended three months prior to bottling for completion of malolactic fermentation and the wine was bottled unfined and unfiltered.



62% Roussanne, 38% Viognier

If you only like red wines, this is the white wine for you. 62% roussanne (one of the great Rhône varietals), 38% viognier (the other great Rhône varietal). There are other great varietals, but not in this wine. Aromas of honey dew melon, hints of anise and the mouth texture of a red wine. What more could you ask for?