Pale Flowers
V. 2020

Pale Flowers

100% Grenache Rosé

Pale Flowers Rosé of Grenache Created from Grenache grapes picked and pressed expressly to make a perfect rosé, this wine is love at first sight with its soft glowing pink reminiscent of a summer sunset. Poured in the glass, the aromatics draw to mind fresh strawberries awash in an ocean breeze. Both fruity and savory elements interplay on the tongue, honeydew melon on rosemary skewers, a bay leaf steeped in watermelon water. A crisp clean finish leaves your mouth watering and your hand reaching for another sip! Best enjoyed young, this summer through summer 2022. Pairings: ceviche, guacamole, feta and watermelon salad, thai chicken salad


“Don't we all wish we could capture perfection, pressed between the pages of a book?”

100% Grenache Rosé
Willow Creek District, Paso Robles
Gimax VC tank
Case Production:
140 cases

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