Pale Flowers
V. 2017

Pale Flowers

100% Grenache Rosé

We have finally done it. For years and years we have produced a rosé from bleed juice sourced from our sorting tables or extracted from tanks pre-fermentation. From this point forward, we are purposefully growing and producing grapes strictly for rosé. This technique allows us to choose the acidity and sugar levels to produce a clean and bright rosé, perfect for Spring and Summer. The Grenache is squeezed whole cluster in basket presses for upwards of 24 hours per ton, thus the beautiful color is achieved. I really intend for Pale Flowers to be consumed in the first 12 months to secure the gorgeous aromatics and refreshing mouthfeel.


“Don't we all wish we could capture perfection, pressed between the pages of a book?”

100% Grenache Rosé
Willow Creek District, Paso Robles
Gimax VC tank
Case Production:
330 cases

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